A Story 60 Years in the Making

There is a reason why everything prepared and served at Table 55 tastes so different and so good. It is because the food is fresh and the farmers who provide the food have had over 60 years of perfecting what they grow.

Take for instance, the Sam Accursio & Sons Farm in Homestead, Florida. Run by Sam Accursio, the farm is one of the primary food suppliers for Table 55. The Accursio family has been in the farm fresh food business since 1948, and they’ve honed their passion for what it takes to make the fresh even fresher.

With the restaurant only 20 minutes away from the farm, what Farmer Sam harvests today will often be in our hands tomorrow. This makes a world of difference from restaurants that have their produce arriving from overseas, at least, a week post-harvest. Farm fresh food will always have higher nutrient levels and it’s unlikely that you’ll find any trace of pesticide residue in, on, or around any of the produce used at Table 55. It’s all in good taste.

Four generations and there is no sign of slowing down the momentum anytime soon. Plans in the works now include expanding the crops to things which ordinarily do not grow down here, and figuring out how they can be harvested.